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About Us

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Years of experience in automobile industry, knowledge and a proven track record in software development, paved the way for two individuals to create CARPOINT PVT LTD.

Our mission was to minimize the time and effort spent on documentation, extra staff to maintain books, the need for calculating your vehicle cost, and seamless way of managing your sales inquiries and sales.

www.carpoint.lk is the number one and the first online motor vehicle dealer management service in Sri Lanka, and the future of the automotive industry in Sri Lanka.

We are dedicated in servicing the motor vehicle industry, allowing dealers to reduce the overheads involved in automobile industry, and in the convenience of car dealer principal and the dealership.

Carpoint Pvt Ltd has a team of experts in automotive, sales/marketing and IT and our promise to you is, not only will we increase your productivity but also increase your sales.

Furthermore, carpoint.lk, consults foreign web base sales and marketing specialist, introducing new techniques and methods to increase revenue, quality, awareness by partnering with carpoint.lk.

There are many websites that offer “vehicles for sale” but we give you the additional tools to, operate dealers back office and not just your showroom.

  • Q1. What services does the general public require from a website?
  • What does a motor vehicle dealer needs from a website?

We, the carpoint.lk team had to work on above two main questions, and have dedicated twelve months, developing and constructing the ideal software for the motor vehicle dealer and to the general public of Sri Lanka.

Whilst constructing such integrated backend software product for dealer network, carpoint.lk is a user friendly engine and website for general public.

We have developed and constructed the allowing the user to narrow their search and finding the desired vehicle faster and easier.

The carpoint.lk team provides solutions to all vehicle dealers and creating the largest dealer vehicle listing online, and at the same time creating an opportunity for the general public to find their desired vehicle, not matter where they are.

Our latest addition to the site is our classified section. This feature allows general public to advertise their vehicles for FREE.

It’s time you walk to the future with us, CARPOINT.LK

  • Is there a website that has all the dealers in one location?

  • Is there a website that provides dealer management tools?

  • Does any of the websites talk in all three major languages?

The answers to these questions is NO, “THERE ARE NONE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE”